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African American Entrepreneur Museum


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The African American Entrepreneur Museum is a unique project dedicated to telling the history of the African American entrepreneur. The proposed design was the runner-up in an invited design competition. It seeks to challenge the typical museum experience where visitors enter a building, see exhibits and then leave. The proposal stretches the museum over a large suburban site and creates indoor and outdoor experiences where visitors are encouraged to interact with outdoor amenities while navigating and viewing the exhibits. The basic diagram of the project is a series of connected pavilions contained within a porous metal and glass screen with a louvered roof. The composition creates a layering, allowing for the ‘spaces between spaces’ to be as engaging as the more specifically programmed areas. Daylighting and a myriad of views are woven into the experience of the facility.


Date: 2016
Client: Withheld (Competition)
Status: Not Awarded
Location: Kernersville, North Carolina


AIA South Atlantic Region – Honor Award (2019)

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