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Andre Johnson Architects Office


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The design of the project was influenced by the natural features of the site. The building is integrated into the topography, using a careful balance of cut and fill to limit the transport of soils to and from the site. The building is meant to engage the public through the transparency and layering of the exterior materials. The stark and eye-catching black color is meant to evoke a sense of awareness while simultaneously allowing the building to blend into its surroundings, depending on environmental factors such as sun, season, and perspective. The form of the building is simple and responds to the long and narrow lot. Solar orientation also informed the placement of the building and the treatment of its various elevations. The more transparent facades face north and south, while the east and west facades are fully glazed, but protected with closely spaced vertical shades. Along with providing solar relief, these shades also define a breezeway around the building. This amenity allows occupants to enjoy the moderate North Carolina climate throughout the seasons. The building’s simple glass internal volume shrouded by the slotted black veil, create an ethereal image. The appearance of the building is not static, and changes based on the activity behind the slotted screen, the time of day and the season. The building is designed so that passersby can view the activities of an architect’s office while not causing the staff to feel as though they are in a glass fishbowl.


Date: 2020 – Current
Client: Andre Johnson Architects
Status: Construction Documents
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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