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Huron Mixed-Use Development


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The Huron Development Project for East Cleveland is a unique series of mixed-use buildings which seek to revitalize an under-served and neglected area of the city. The project brings affordable residences, businesses, education, entertainment, retail, and outdoor recreation to a community much in need of economic stimulation. The ground level of the complex provides a grocery store, movie theater, department stores, boutique stores and a STEAM academy. A circulation concourse ramps up from the ground level and forms the second and third levels of the project, which contain additional retail as well as office spaces. The roof of this portion of the project serves as an outdoor walking park and provides access to the amenity functions of the two towers which sit above it. The towers are single loaded triangulated masses which allow for abundant daylighting and outdoor yards for the end unit on each level.


Date: 2019
Client: Withheld
Status: Completed Concept Design
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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