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Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church


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The project is a 13,000 square foot new home for Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Creedmoor, NC. The design is driven by the ideas of cleansing through baptism, divine illumination, and the witnessing and propagation of the Christian faith. These concepts are central to the Missionary Baptist Church, and the design synthesizes them in a unique way, providing a fitting response tied to the site and community. Located in a rural setting fronted by a typical country road, the surrounding wooded context provides a vibrant yet serene backdrop for the building. From the glimpse one catches of the baptismal pool upon approach to the main entry, to the abundant yet primarily diffuse lighting throughout the building, the experience of the project is layered and scripted. The narrative journey through its spaces is thoughtfully organized to create clear and powerful moments for the congregation and its visitors.


Date: 2018
Client: Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church
Status: Unbuilt
Location: Creedmoor, North Carolina

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